Monday, September 1, 2014

Not Surprisingly the Rams cut Michael Sam and what we do about it

The St. Louis Rams has made some cuts and announced its 53 member roster which did not include Michael Sam, the first openly gay football player drafted into the NFL.

The Rams head coach had this to say:
"I will tell you this, I was pulling for Sam, I really was," Rams coach Jeff Fisher said. "And I don't say that very often. Mike came in here and did everything we asked him to do." He added, "It was a football decision, and the decision is no different than any other decision we make. It was a football decision. It was a football decision back in May to draft Mike."
Coach might be trying to act all nice about it, and I don't blame him for trying, but lets get real here. We had football heads (almost all of whom were heteros) raving how Michael Sam was an all American cowboy who is 100% NFL material when he was playing college football. Then all of a sudden he makes national headlines for declaring he was indeed a homo and then we see that many football heads were now reading a prepared script on how much Sam sucked (as in football, get your mind out of the gutter!) and that his numbers weren't good, and that he wasn't NFL material after all blah blah.

So Sam was only able to make it to the 7th round in the NFL draft and was picked last. The Rams, for some still unexplained reason, picked Sam for its defensive lineup knowing full well they didn't need anybody in that position. It appears that he was drafted as though the team "had to do it" in the name of political correctness to avoid rightful accusations of homophobia and not because he was and is a good football player. All the other teams passed on Sam. Their reason: we don't want this distraction. And I think by 'distraction' they meant the homo type of distraction. Because all other distractions are indeed condoned and overlooked by the NFL, such as wife-beating, drug dealing, animal cruelty, stealing, and all other forms of depravity that I think are celebrated by what I now call the immature hyper-masculine boy mentality we find in football culture.

And they can blame the media all they want, but I don't buy the media excuse for one damn second. The media reports on every little thing football stars do. When a player gets into trouble with the law or is caught being cruel to innocent dogs for financial gain we never, ever, hear the football junkies yelling and complaining about "distractions" or raging at the media. Only when a bothersome fag like Michael Sam who dared to kiss his boyfriend in front of a camera can these immature pricks start bitching about "distractions" and whatnot and come up with conspiracy theories about the media. Only then do we see such childish antics.

All in all this whole experience was pretty strange to me. We keep seeing football maniacs engage in double speak and basically ram down our throats their insistent propaganda that they and the football culture are not homophobic.I would say, as to sound cliche but pardon me: thou protest too much asshole. We see what can be a very negative reaction to Michael Sam being gay and under the same breath these bigots claim that he being a homo has nothing to do with their obvious rage. Its like asking dad why he is so angry and he replies "I'm not fucking angry!" as he punches a hole in the wall. I simply do not buy their bullshit.

I for one am fine with not having any gays in the NFL. The NFL, and its fan culture, is a bastion of immature little boys who refuse to grow up into adults. Homosexuality, like all other issues, are adult topics that can only, and should only, be discussed by adults and not by petulant little pubescent choir boys who stick their head in the sand and put their fingers in their ears as they chant "lalalalalala." Homosexuality demands an adult discussion not immature whining and finger pointing at the media. And because an adult discussion cannot happen in this culture we must come to the conclusion that the NFL, and football in general, is not ready, nor mature and capable, of handling such issue. One adult football player, Chris Kluwe, had to learn the hard way, as he tried to survive in a culture that is repelled by maturity and education.

So I am okay with Michael Sam not being in the NFL (understandably Sam might think otherwise) because to me this whole bit of "You Can Play" sounds one-off and I for one do not feel any excitement over it. Of course gays can play football as well as other sports. Any schmuck can. The important thing is do we need to play? And the answer, supported by the evidence of football's repulsion against homosexuality, is an outstanding negative.

No, we do not need to play this sport, and probably other sports as well. I would like to recite a famous Groucho Marx (no, not Mark Levin, the actual funny one I mean) motto: 'I refuse to join a club that would have me as a member.' Not because we gays are not good, but because we are too good for pro-football. We need to examine if football culture's annoying pubescent immature rejection of homosexuality is even worth it. Think of it this way: Michael Sam trying to play for the NFL is like having your roommate trying to play at a McDonald's play pin with all the little kids only to have the manager kick him out.

It appears that the sport where a lot of men end up with severe brain injuries and criminal records is refusing to grow up into the 21st century. And so we come at a cross-roads. Is our equality depended on admission to the NFL? Let me answer that with this question to better understand what is at stake here: Is your ability in having a good time depended on admission to a McDonald's play pin? If it is you have serious issues at the Michael Jackson level.

And so we homos have to see the writing on the wall. We are not wanted here, and for a good reason (for us at least). We do not need to jump into the play pin and be humiliated by childish little pricks every five seconds. We don't need that because there so many other worth wild things we homos are damn good at and where our professional expertise is much more wanted and needed in real things that matter in the real world. And because football refuses to grow up it and other child-like immature institutions, like the Boy Scouts for example, are going to be left behind as the rest of society matures into adulthood and they will in time wither away with the rest of the archaic institutions that all they do is venerate the dominance of the old white-heterosexual boys club as we dump them in the rightful dustbin of forgotten history.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Movie Review: Leprechaun: Origins

I've always been fascinated with funny not-so serious movies that are indeed terrible yet very entertaining like the original Leprechaun series. And I am trying to understand, and even try to be sympathetic, to the cause of reviving or "remastering" original films. Usually when not done right such "remastering" is sometimes so horrific that one comes out of the movie theater yelling to the moon: "why!?"

I was approaching "Leprechaun: Origins," the remake of the Leprechaun series that also included its original star WWE's Dylan "Hornswoggle" Postl with even more open-mindedness being that these types of movies can be forgiven because they entertain us with their playful nature. I was expecting as per another WWE jewel "Santa's Sleigh," which was about a raging evil Santa Claus bent on going on a killing spree for whatever the fuck the reason was, to be asinine fun. In that movie, the filmmakers heavily relied on the silliness of the whole concept and outright refused to take itself seriously, making it one of my favorite dumb movies to watch for the Holiday season.

But I am confused as to what "Leprechaun: Origins" is. Is it one of those movies that I can laugh at or am I supposed to feel vewwwyy scawwwy? Well I felt neither when I saw this film. There were times when I felt I was watching a typical slasher movie and a few of those my heart did stop for a fraction of a second. Then I realized that I am supposed to be watching Hornwoggle play a creepy looking yet tricky little gnome like creature say one-off jokes and Irish sounding fuck you rhymes.

The Leprechaun, if there was any in the movie, refused to show itself fully. Maybe that is due to its cheap make-up. Come on Vince McMahon, you own a entertainment empire, you couldn't afford a descent get up and make-up for this "realistic" Leprechaun? Instead we are treated to Predator-like killer vision and weird cuts of the now beastly figure that is supposed to be the namesake of the movie. And by the way, Hornswoggle had no single line in the movie. Not one little memorable zinger. The Leprechaun is now a some random Jim Henson crafted monster that can be easily transported to any other scary movie with a different name. Though it was a very generic monster at times this monster could be easily mistaken more for the Chupacabras than for a Leprechaun with buckled boots, striped stockings, a green top hat and coat who likes to make humans miserable with mind tricks and by grabding their dicks if they ever dare take his gold. That was the Leprechaun we all know and love. But that's not what I saw in this movie. I don't know what the fuck this is besides some ghoulish looking monster that eats people. The story-line is generic. The now monster is generic. The characters are generic. There was no thematic elements that good horror movies would have. It was just a bunch of snotty little American pricks in Ireland being chased around in the woods by some monster who wants to eat them because his gold was taken - and that pretty much sums up this movie's plot in a nutshell.

There were however some good qualities that I think if played along further and given more time to develop this movie could have been different. To make it better I would start by changing the monster back to the original (although with some updates to its appearance) Leprechaun who actually speaks and gets bitchy when his gold is stolen adding as revenge your girlfriend's tits getting blown up to smithereens using his magical powers and making you inhale worms up your nose. That is what these little bastards called Leprechauns, according to Irish folklore, actually do. And that's what I expected going into this film with the added benefits of more modern theatrics and cinematography. Although putting that into film may not win you an Oscar, it will sure as hell would make for a fun and entertaining movie that at least knows what it is and knows what its doing. The main problem with this movie is that the filmmakers actually took their lucky charms too seriously and forgot that they were making a movie about a fucking Leprechaun and thought they could get away with it.

I would say though it was entertaining to a point as an acceptable generic monster movie. But that doesn't make it an outstanding monster movie, especially one that is supposed to be about the lovable and yet misunderstood and funny monster of our time: the Leprechaun.

Memorable line: "Fuck your Lucky Charms!"

Grade: D

UPDATE: Joan Rivers in a coma, prognosis unknown

UPDATE: Joan Rivers is now reportedly in a medically-induced coma after suffering what it now appears to be cardiac and respiratory arrest. Doctors are not fully aware how much brain damage Joan has gotten (to be honest I thought she already suffered from that condition lol) while she was rushed to the hospital during an endoscopy procedure and how it is going to affect her.

Meanwhile her only child Melissa is having to deal with this unfortunate situation:
Distraught daughter Melissa Rivers could face a life-or-death decision on her comatose mom Joan depending on what doctors find, a close friend told the Daily News. 
Melissa, who flew in Thursday from California with son Cooper, was expected to hear from doctors at The Mount Sinai Hospital about her mother’s prognosis one day after the comic nearly died. 
Joan Rivers’ only child was an emotional wreck Friday while awaiting the medical update on the ground-breaking comedienne who remained in a medically-induced coma, another source indicated.

It appears she may have to make a decision on whether or not to pull the plug on her mom. We'll see what she has decided and if Joan's condition improves (I mean her current medical condition, not the other conditions that we have already been exposed to over the years).


It has been reported that comedian Joan Rivers, 81, has been rushed to Mt. Sinai Hospital in Manhattan around 10 this morning after she stopped breathing during an endoscopy procedure and is critical condition. Which is strange since endoscopy procedures are not surgery and doctors only sedate you. An endoscopy is when a doctor takes a camera and violates your throat in order to take a look in your tummy.

She could have had complications due to her age or all of that plastic that probably covered her air hole. We'll see what happened.

She's been in the news lately making jokes about Obama being gay and Michelle is actually transgender.

Maybe some ENDoscopy jokes are in order or would that be too brash? Just kidding.

So watch this space for any updates on this matter. Hopefully that face of hers hasn't turned blue too much.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

WTF: Gay man raped by Baptist teacher in order to make him straight

Jeff White, gay news, Washington BladeI really doubt, as would anybody else with two or more brain cells, that any gay man who craves cock would ever "decide" to start craving pussy by giving him more cock. But again we are dealing with paranoid crazy and nutty Christian Jihadis who believe that gays secrete demons during sex. Yes, we're dealing with batshit crazy stuff here.

So when we hear that a Baptist school teacher raped a gay man to make him heterosexual I can only roll my eyes in saying "what else."
A gay Mississippi man says a male teacher at the Baptist school he attended in the 1990s raped him each week for three years as a way to force him to change his sexual orientation. 
Jeff White told the Washington Blade during a July 14 interview at a restaurant near his home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast the teacher at Bethel Baptist School in Walls, Miss., who he identified as Steven Barnes, scheduled an “appointment” with him each Wednesday in his classroom or the office where he forced him to have oral and anal sex. White, now 32, said the incidents took place at the school, which is in DeSoto County in northwestern Mississippi, between 1996-1999.
Frankly I'm not surprised. The Christian church is known to be plagued with sexual predators who prey on women, children, and young gay men. Let's recall that a famous Catholic fascist Cardinal in England loved preying on young gay men.

But now this whole "I rape you to make you straight" argument is a new one, at least for gay men since we do know that many lesbians get raped for the same dubious reason.

Needless to say, but here goes anyway, ass raping a homo will not make him pound pussy. Hello common sense? And how about that little pesky thing called "decency" in which we do not rape people at all? Then again, conservative teabbager Christian conservatives have in the past stated that there is such a thing as a "legitimate rape."

These inbreds need to go fuck themselves instead of others. I have seen this all too often: a bigot raping a vulnerable gay man. And some might say that the bigot might be homosexual himself too, hence the ass-raping. But I don't think that is the case. I think this is another case of an aggressive hyper-masculine man with a slight homoerotic fetish (as in a fetish of homosexuality which I will explain later) taking advantage of a homosexual young  man who is considered "weak" (bigots usually consider gay men to be weak) in order to ascertain some form of sexual/social superiority.

Jeff White has decided to sue the bastard. I say good for him. Sue the son of a bitch for all he's got.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

And the 2014 Emmy Awards winners are...

Here are the winners for the 2014 Emmy Awards:

 Bryan Cranston for Best Actor in 'Breaking Bad'

 Anna Gunn for Best Supporting Actress in 'Breaking Bad'

  Julianna Margulies for Best Actress in 'The Good Wife'

 Aaron Paul for Best Supporting Actor in 'Breaking Bad'

 Allison Janney for Best Guest Actress in 'Masters of Sex'

 Joe Morton for Best Guest Actor in 'Scandal'

'Breaking Bad' for Best Writing in 'Ozymandias'

'True Detective' For Best Directing in 'Who Goes There'

'Breaking Bad' For Best Drama Series

 Julia Louis-Dreyfus for Best Comedy Actress in 'Veep'

 Jim Parsons for Best Comedy Actor in 'Big Bang Theory'

 Allison Janney for Best Comedy Supporting Actress in 'Mom'

 Ty Burrell for Best Comedy Supporting Actor in 'Modern Family'

 Uzo Aduba for Best Guest Comedy Actress in 'Orange is The New Black'

 Louis C.K. for Best Guest Comedy Actor in 'SNL'

'Louie' for Best Comedy Writing in 'So Did The Fat Lady'

'Modern Family' for Best Comedy Directing in 'Vegas'

'Modern Family' for Best Comedy Series

 Jessica Lange for Best Actress in a Miniseries/Movie in 'American Horror Story: Coven'

 Benedict Cumberbatch for Best Actor in a Miniseries/Movie in 'Sherlock: His Last Vow'

 Kathy Bates for Best Supporting Actress in a Miniseries/Movie in 'American Horror Story: Coven'

 Martin Freeman for Best Supporting Actor in a Miniseries/Movie in 'Sherlock: His Last Vow'

'Sherlock: His Last Vow' for Best Writing in a Miniseries/Movie

'Fargo' for Best Directing in a Miniseries/Movie

'So You Think You Can Dance' for Best Choreography

 Jane Lynch for Best Host in 'Hollywood Game Night'

'Colbert Report' for Best Writing in a Variety Show

'SNL' for Best Directing in a Variety Show

'Colbert Report' for Best Variety Show

'Sarah Silverman: We Are Miracles' for Best Writing in a Variety Show Special

'67th Annual Tony Awards' for Best Directing in a Variety Show Special

'Tribute to Mel Brooks'  for Best Variety Show Special

'Life According to Sam' for Exceptional Merit in Documentary Filmmaking

'Bob's Burgers' for Best Animated Program in 'Mazel Tina'

'Orange is the New Black' for Best Casting in a Comedy Series

'True Detective' for Best Casting in a Comedy Series

'Fargo' for Best Casting in a Miniseries/Movie/Special

'One Last Hug: Three Days at Grief Camp' for Best Children's Program

'Sherlock: His Last Vow' for Best Cinematography in a Miniseries/Movie

'How I Met Your Mother' for Best Cinematography in a Multi-Camera Series in 'Daisy'

'True Detective' for Best Cinematography in a Single Camera Series in 'Who Goes There'

'The Square' for Best Cinematography in for Non Fiction Programming

'Deadliest Catch' for Best Cinematography in Reality Programming in 'Careful What You Wish For'

'Misunderstood' for Apple for Best Commercial

'American Horror Story: Coven' for Best Costumes in a Miniseries/Movie

'Game of Thrones' for Best Costumes in a Series

'SNL' for Best Costumes in a Variety Show/Special

'The Square' for Best Directing in Non-Fiction Programming

'American Masters' and 'Years of Living Dangerously' for Best Documentary/Non-Fiction Series

'JEK' (American Experience) for Best Documentary/Non Fiction Special

'American Horror Story: Coven' for Best Hairstyle in a Miniseries/Movie

'SNL' for Best Hairstyle in a Multi-Camera Series/Special

'Downtown Abbey' for Best Hairstyle in a Single Camera Series

'Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown' and 'Vice' for Best Informational Series/Special

'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Digital Experience' for Best Interactive Program

'Dancing With The Stars' for Best Lighting in a Variety Series

'Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony' for Best Lighting in a Variety Special

'True Detective' for Best Main Title

'The Normal Heart' for Best Makeup in a Miniseries/Movie

'SNL' for Best Makeup in a Multi-Camera Series/Special

'True Detective' for Best Makeup in a Series

'Fargo' for Best Miniseries

'The Big Bang Theory' for Best Multi-Camera Editing in 'The Cooper Extraction'

'Sherlock: His Last Vow' for Best Music in a Miniseries/Movie/Special

'Cosmos: A Space/Time Odyssey' for Best Music (Original Score) in a Series in 'Standing up in a Milky Way'

'The Beatles: The Night That Changed America' for Best Music Direction

'Cosmos: A Space/Time Odyssey' for Best Main Title Theme Music

'67th Annual Tony Awards' for Best Original Music and Lyrics in 'Song Title: Bigger'

'The Square' for Best Editing in Non-Fiction Programming

'Deadliest Catch' for Best Editing in Reality Programming in 'Careful What You Wish For'

'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' for Best Editing in Short Segments and Variety Specials in 'McConnelling'

'Game of Thrones' for Best Makeup (Prosthetic) in 'The Children'

'The Amazing Race' for Best Competition/Reality Programming

'Disney Mickey Mouse' for Best Animated Short in 'O Sole Minnie'

'Orange is The New Black' for Single-Camera Editing in a Comedy Series in 'The Punch'

'Breaking Bad' for Best Single-Camera Editing in a Drama Series in 'Felina'

'Sherlock: His Last Vow' for Best Single-Camera Editing in a Miniseries/Movie

'Sherlock: His Last Vow' for Best Editing in a Miniseries/Special/Movie

'Black Sails' for Best Sound Editing in a Series in 'I.'

'Cosmos: A Space/Time Odyssey' for Best Sound Editing in Non-Fiction Programming

'Nurse Jackie' for Best Sound Mixing in a Comedy or Drama Half Hour Series and Animation in 'The Lady With The Lamp'

'House of Cards' for Best Sound Mixing in a Comedy or Drama Full Hour Series in 'Chapter 14'

'Treme' for Best Sound Mixing in a Miniseries/Movie in 'Sunset On Louisianne'

'The 56th Grammy Awards' for Best Sound Mixing in a Variety Series/Special

'American Masters' for Best Sound Mixing in Non-Fiction Programming in 'Jimmy Hendrix: Hear My Train Comin'

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' for Best Stunt Coordination in a Comedy Series/Variety Program

'The Blacklist' for Best Stunt Coordination in a Drama Series/Miniseries/Movie

'The Sound of Music Live!' for Best Technical Direction in a Miniseries/Movie/Special

'Dancing With The Stars' for Best Technical Direction in a Series

'Cosmos: A Space/Time Odyssey' for Best Writing in Non-Fiction Programming in 'Standing Up In The Milky Way'

'The Normal Heart' for Best Television Movie

'Shark Tank' for Best Structured Reality Program

'Deadliest Catch' for Best Unstructured Reality Program

Harry Shearer for Best Character Voice Over in 'The Simpsons'

'Game of Thrones' for Best Art Direction in Contemporary/Fantasy Series, Single-Camera in 'The Laws of God and Men'

'Boardwalk Empire' for Best Art Direction in a Period Series/Miniseries/Movie, Single-Camera in 'Erlk'nig'

'House of Lies' for Best Art Direction in a Contemporary Program, Half-Hour in 'Wreckage'

'The Oscars' for Best Art Direction in Variety/Non-Fiction/Competition/Reality Program

Jeremy Irons for Best Narrator in 'Game of Lions'

'Game of Thrones' for Best Visual/Special Effects in 'The Children'

'Black Sails' for Best Visual/Special Effects, Supporting Role in 'I.'

'30 for 30 Shorts' for Best Short Non-Fiction Program

'Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: President Barack Obama' for Best Short Live-Action Entertainment Program

So far, so good. I really like 'Breaking Bad' and it goes without saying that Bryan Cranston really did shine as his best role ever. Watch out for Aaron Paul, I think that kid has true potential for a serious acting career in film. 'Modern Family' is the best sitcom that we currently have and I think it duly deserves an Emmy no doubt.

And I am glad to say that none of these winners made me cringe and I'm in pleasantly agreement with all of the winners as they all did a great job giving us some great television. These awards also go to show us that old-fashion TV is still very much relevant, even more so than online entertainment than one might expect.

But let's see what pops up in the coming years and I hope that we get to see less garbage on our small screens, we already got enough of that right FOX?

Supporters for Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson were able to raise more than $400K

As the black community mourns the death of Michael Brown whites across America have been able to raise some good amount of cabbage to the tune of $400,000 in support of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, the cop who shot Brown to death.

I'm trying to figure out why these white conservative teabaggers would want to raise that much cash being that officer Wilson is still being paid his salary and his legal fees will be paid by the Police Union. Lets remember: these are the same white teabaggers who protest against a black President over "government overreach" yet applaud and defend with money suspected "government overreach" when it kills a black teenager.

I am just trying to put this all into a political perspective, if you don't mind, while withholding from determining if Wilson committed a crime until the jury hears all the evidence. But still this whole support for officer Wilson seems kinda suspicious to me as these same white conservative teabaggers claim we must withhold from making any determinations on the case until the jury hears all the evidence and are now claiming that Wilson killing Michael Brown was justified before the jury has a chance to even look at the bloody evidence.

Wilson is getting the financial support from the force and his union that he needs, the entirety of the facts of the case are not fully disclosed yet, and all of sudden anti "government overreach" white teabaggers are financially supporting suspected "government overreach" when a black teenager is killed. What could really be behind the motives of these white teabaggers? Anybody wanna take a guess?

Meanwhile here's the video report:

Monday, August 25, 2014

Sikh man: off with the hair, off with the turban, oh and I am gay!

Mandeep Jangi Here's a sweet attractive dark skin young man who is also a Sikh telling his story of how he told his old-guard traditional family that he is indeed a homo after cutting his hair and taking off his turban (turbans and long hair are traditions in Sikhism).

His name is Mandeep (very appropriate name I say! love it!) and here he is telling his story of how his family reacted after he shed off his hair and his perceived heterosexuality:

Did this anti-gay Indiana governor bigot just committed perjury?

Indiana governor and teabagger extraordinaire Mike Pence was being sued in his capacity as the governor of the state by gay couples who are seeking to secure their economic rights by having their marriages recognized. Pence, who is competing in a race to see who can teabag America the deepest, has been an ardent supporter of "traditional marriage" or to put it bluntly stopping fags from getting hitched. The teabagger bigot has supported a federal marriage amendment that would ban gay marriage everywhere in the country (so much for that states rights bullshit teabagger maniacs support huh?).

But then Pence in a not-so-surprising move that is typical with teabaggers and their pathological innateness to cheat, lie, and engage in erratic inconsistent behavior that is pretty maniacal decided that he no longer wanted to be involved in the issue of gay marriage. When the jerk got sued he told the federal court that he as governor was not in any way involved with the state's marriage scheme and therefore requested that he be dropped as defendant. The judge in the case granted Pence his motion to be dropped and the lawsuit moved on without him.

Then of course, the bagger was not being honest to the judge and he was caught actually being directly involved in the state's marriage scheme and in particular with the issue of gay marriage:
But only a few days after Young granted the request, Pence issued a memo to state officials, instructing them to prevent gay and lesbian couples from accessing the protections of marriage. 
When Judge Young caught wind of Pence's contradictions, he was unamused. Calling the Governor's claims "bold misrepresentation," the Judge ruled that he would reconsider removing Pence from the cases. 
The timing is particularly awkward for the governor. On Tuesday, August 26, the Seventh Circuit will hear oral argument in several consolidated cases. Pence was at one point a defendant in those cases before Young removed him. Its unclear whether Young's latest ruling will compel to Governor to participate in the Tuesday hearings, or whether Pence will have to submit briefs at a later date.
I don't know about you, but I think somebody needs to be indicted for perjury. And since it is teabagger governor hunting season (yay!) adding Pence to the list of loser GOP teabagger governors who are having the book thrown at them will be very satisfactory.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Supporters of officer Darren Wilson rally in St Louis

Darren Wilson protestI'm not sure if this is a great idea. I mean if it were you wouldn't be needing to hide behind make-up, hats and sunglasses. By doing that you are no better than those hood and mask wearing thieves who are looting businesses during the attention grabbing unrest. Here we have a few country critters coming out of the closet (in a way) to rally in support of Darren Wilson, the cop who shot dead a black teen in Ferguson MO:
"Many of us have received death threats toward ourselves and our families," said one speaker, wearing sunglasses, paint beneath her eyes and a baseball cap. "We will not hide. We will no longer live in fear … If you support Darren Wilson, make your voices heard."
She refused to give the media her name, saying "You want my name? I am Darren Wilson. We are Darren Wilson.
Oh shut the fuck up. Darren Wilson is on paid vacation under police protection and will have an opportunity to defend himself against any accusation of wrongdoing in front of an impartial grand jury. He obviously has the natural backing of the Police union and many others. Having a semi-quasi KKK rally that basically says that the shooting was justified really cannot help Wilson at all. You just look like a bunch stupid teabagger white trash that is trying to justify the killing of a black person.

Here's a video report of the klan rally without the white dresses or the pointy hats:

And you thought teabaggers were against "government overreach" but all of sudden a black man could become a supposed victim of such "overreach" and now you see these white crusty anal retentive teabaggers falling all over each other trying to defend said "government overreach." These are the types that keep saying that whites are the real victims bearing in mind that whites own 80% of the world's wealth, and have 90% of the seats of Congress, and are 96% of the country's wealthy families. Hardly a profile of a victimized persecuted minority don't you think?

On the shooting of Michael Brown

First off let me start by saying that I have reviewed the facts of the shooting of Michael Brown, a black teen who was shot by a white police officer in Ferguson Missouri, and I am still not convinced on what really happened so I am going to play the patience card and wait for actual evidence to come out in order for me to properly opine as to what actually happened on that faithful Saturday afternoon.

Many blogs and media personalities (not to name any) have been siding with one or the other, mainly on the side of Michael Brown. Though it is true that we should wait for the facts before convicting someone, in other words the presumption of innocence before being found guilty, people do have a right to express any and all wrongheaded opinion about what happened to Michael Brown and whether or not a crime was committed by the cop.

I have seen the black community express their disappointment on the matter and on race relations with the law enforcement in general, much of the frustration and insecurity is justifiable. But I doubt that seeking to hang the police officer for something he may or may not have committed wouldn't be the answer that would appease these communal tensions, and nobody should expect that it should. We have to separate from what the Brown family wants and what is needed for the community in Ferguson to help it move on and better the situation. What if another shooting like this occurs? What then? Do we start protesting again?

The answer is to ensure that these types of incidents don't happen again but if they do then police officers should be equipped with proper recording devices that would protect them and the community they serve. I understand that sometimes cops need to make tough decisions on a split second and they have the power to shoot someone who is an immediate threat to them or the public at large. Whether officer Wilson was justified in shooting Michael Brown we will have to wait and see if the grand jury thinks it was or not.

This is more than just one black teen getting shot to death (or executed) by the police. We live in a society that values violence over anything else. Even within the black community you have black rappers venerating gang violence in their music videos. We see heterosexual men, both white and black, freaking out when a gay couple give each other a kiss because they are in love but get excited to see videos on World Star Hip-Hop showing a transgender woman being shot in the stomach. That is just the reality of facts right now and if the black community rightfully seeks justice they must realize that justice is only worth anything if peace and love can replace mistrust, anger, and hatred which are the social attributes that lead to the approval of physical violence and abuse (both by police and the public).

Though this site is mainly me bantering about this and that I cannot and will not condone physical violence and with this mild rant I just wanted to point out to everyone, to both sides of the Ferguson debate the realities of the society upon which we exist. If you wish to make changes we need to look further from this one incident and look at the broader problem of how society has indeed accepted and normalized violence whether real or fictionalized, whether big as all out war or small as in a shooting of Michael Brown.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Gay guys making babies? Get out of here...

We hear this all too often: fags can't make babies therefore we can fuck with their rights (or something along those lines).

The bigots who hate gays are going to hate gays no matter what we say, do, even if we achieved the impossibility of actually getting pregos and having little gay bambinos on our own without the DNA of the opposite sex. So this argument that is being presented by the bigots can be rightfully ignore and dismissed because this "breeding test" of sorts is obviously so unrealistic to achieve that of course the bigots are going to use it as a means to deny gays the rights that are afforded to everyone else. The use of this test is by no means reflective of an interest in procreation and replacing the human species, but it is due to a deep seeded hatred and in most cases a pathological anxiety of homosexuality.

Bottom line we homos know that we cannot have babies with each other. (Duh!) And that's actually fine by us. Being a homosexual man I crave and I am sexually attractive to the masculine male and all of what that entails which includes the sexual functions of the masculine male. Since I can only speak about male homosexuality I would say: fine, we cannot have babies because we are men and that's what I am attracted to. Men do not have babies, women do. Men who are attracted to persons who can have babies are indeed heterosexuals because part of the woman's sexual functions is that of giving birth to little people. Being attracted to men means being attracted to all the attributes of a man which include the inability to have children and instead has the capacity to ejaculate semen (and isn't that what gay men love?).

So if I or any other homosexual man want our partners to actually have our babies we cease to remain homosexual and thus we become attracted to the sexual functions of the woman and not of that of the man's. And from there you are now an "ex-gay" or a former homosexual, or as the bigots like to call a person "who has escaped the evil homosexual lifestyle." But if this quackery were to be true than by all means nature would demand that homosexual men become sperm donors by changing their brain chemistry in order to pound some pussy and produce some fetuses (who are more valued by the bigots than humans who are already alive and born). But nature seems to not be interested whether or not gay men can hold an erection long enough to spew some come into a woman's vajayjay. Nature has hot wired us homos to instead be sexually aroused with those of the same sex, is it a cruel experiment by nature? Probably, but again I must stress that nature holds no moral ethics unlike human creatures. Nature does what it wants whether some douchebag celibate hermit in a religious dress and pointy hat likes it or not. And since Nature lacks human moral ethics we can therefore not try to impose any and just let it be.

We can be more productive if we just accept the facts of Nature and just move on. Just accept the fact that gay men cannot have babies. Yes we accept that fact, and yes we are okay with that because it is part of what it is to be gay. But we cannot accept this fact as some sort of means test in order to acquire rights. Rights are innate and unalienable and derive from Human Natural Law which dictates that human progress is centered around having better living conditions by prescribing that laws of the land be accepting of human nature and able to change and reform itself to better accommodate all human beings with different characteristics that do not cause harm but those that arouse human stability (like marriage). Ascribing human breeding as the sole purpose of Human Natural Law misses the point of Human Natural Law because we therefore deny basic human rights to anybody that doesn't breed, which would include heterosexuals who for whatever reason could not or were not able to have children of their own.

The breeding test is just another meager attempt by the bigots to claw at whatever straw they can in order for them to feel religious and socially superior to fags. Plain and simple.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Stupid teabagger restaurant making customers pay 'Minimum Wage Fee'

8-6-2014 11-23-45 AMWhen you open a restaurant what is important besides good food and "location, location, location" is to not piss off the community that pays to eat at your snack shack or the employees that work for you. When you piss off both that must mean that you are shithead that doesn't deserve a restaurant or a petty, stingy teabagger. In this case it is both.

Business hyenas and parasites also known as teabaggers (or as the PC term they assigned themselves "job creators") will nickle and dime you out of your hard earned money for shitty products and services, will refuse to pay decent salaries to employees and squeeze the labor out of you for pennies or peanuts, heck just to save a couple of bucks they will even monitor the time you are taking a shit.

So it is no surprise to me when a whinny teabagger who owns a restaurant in Minnesota called Oasis is starting to charge customers a "Minimum Wage Fee" on their checks because the state has recently decided to do the most horrendous thing of dun-dun-dun raising the minimum wage. And so the moron decided to add this .35 cents charge making the wait staff take the blame for this extra charge in front of the customer. (NOTE: the charge appears after the sales tax and therefore the teabagger is also engaging in tax evasion, surprise!)

8-6-2014 11-23-30 AMAs someone who used to work in the business for several years this is a giant FUCK NO. You do not charge customers an extra fee when the landlord raises the rent. You do not charge customers an extra fee when the A/C gets repaired. And you definitely do not charge customers an extra charge to pay for your wait staff's mandatory wage. All these real expenses are covered by revenues that are generated by the restaurant in food and beverage sales. And when an unexpected increase of costs occurs an intelligent business man (note intelligent here) would slightly increase the prices to cover that extra cost.

What Oasis is doing is a political statement and not a wise restaurant business decision. Customers do not want to know all the details of a business ledger, all they want is good service, good food and drinks, at reasonable prices. Shoving this fee down their throats is just very tacky, out of whack, and it simply states that the owner is more interested in arguing about the minimum wage then he is about providing a great dinning experience. Might as well close up shop and just run a shady teabagger political action committee instead.

And of course many customers are having none of this bullshit and have started complaining at the restaurant's Facebook page.

So the smart ass behind this stunt has defended the fee as necessary to cover the increase of wages:
With regards to why we’re charging a $.35 fee to cover the recent $.75 increase in minimum wage…we estimate the increase in labor cost will will cost our company more than $10,000 per year…which has to be offset by an increase in revenue in order to operate profitably. Rather than increase the prices of our menu items, we chose to charge a flat fee. If the state of Minnesota would pass tip credit, like 43 other states have done, none of this would be necessary. For what it’s worth, we pay our people very well. Our dishwashers start at $10/hour, our cooks start at $12/hour and our servers average more than $20 when you consider what they earn in tips.
8-6-2014 11-24-10 AMThe above statement is just plainly deceitful. Even though he states that a waiter can make $20 an hour that wage is only feasible when customers have actually sat down. There are down times throughout the shift, times when you are doing side-work, or even (yes this happened at a restaurant I used to work at) washing the manager's car. During these times when you are working equally as hard you will only be earning the minimum wage because you are a waiter and for waiters' wage to be meaningful they need to get tips that only come from actually serving tables. So if you actually stretch out the $20/hour wage over an entire work day you are looking at $8-$9/hour. If you don't trust me, ask any waiter you know. Don't worry they'll tell you. They will tell you how hard they work for shit pay, how they have to haul heavy plates of shit food, deal with rude customers, drunks, running back and forth to get everything the customer needs. They do this because they have bills to pay and many of them have children's mouths to feed.

So when I see the type of petty nonsense that wealthy restaurant owners do, even at the expense of hard working waiters, buss boys, and bartenders it just really pisses me and everybody else with any sense of ethics and morality off.

If there's a way we can ban teabaggers from hiring people, and therefore prevent human exploitation and slavery of sorts, we would better off.

Oh My God! James Franco is living with a man!

James Franco Is Living With a ManSo what?

Well Gawker is making a big fuss about James Franco who is living with actor Scott Haze as reported by the New York Times.

And as some might expect the gossip site is reading too much into it:
Besides their artistic ventures, reporter Jacob Bernstein points out that Franco and Haze “met about a decade ago when they were acting students in Los Angeles,” are “so close that describing them merely as friends would be a disservice,” and are “sharing an apartment in Brooklyn this summer.” And here’s the kicker: 
By now, it was 12:30 a.m. and Mr. Franco was clearly fading. An assistant pointed him and Mr. Haze to two waiting town cars. Mr. Franco expressed surprise, since they needed only one. “We live in the same place,” he said.
It’s not as if Franco and Haze have ever hid the intensity of their friendship. Haze even posted (at 3:30 a.m. on Sunday) a picture of them standing dramatically:
Oh please, get over yourselves.

What is wrong with having two dudes live together and share a bond? Heterosexual men are not allowed to show affection or else they "might be gay." I don't know about you, but this sounds similar to the typical gay bashing some straight guys get in high school when they are caught doing something "gay."

I say straight men should be allowed to show affection, have bromances, and do whatever "gay" things they want to do and are comfortable doing, yes even the sexual ones.

Let's remember that actually being gay means something and it is not just a definition for some random homoerotic sexual tones or acts. Being homosexual, as for as for me is concerned, it is certainly more than just hanging out and chilling with other dudes, and yes it is more than just butsecks and blowjobs (because anybody can do that). To me being gay is an identity that tells society that you find the same gender sexually attractive, you seek out the same gender over the opposite gender, and you tend to want a romantic and/or sexual relationship with someone of the gender (having a partner).

Saying that what Franco is doing is "gay" just belittles what it really is to be gay.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

13 people hurt in double-decker bus crash in NYC Times Square

Two double decker tour buses crashed in the middle of Times Square, the world's busiest pedestrian area, causing eleven people to have really bad days, others an excuse to come back to work late from lunch, while others pop out their smartphones to take some pics and video in a voyeuristic fashion.

So far the FDNY don't know whose at fault or what caused the accident and are not sure if the bus drivers exchanged vulgarities, hand gestures and insults before the crash as expected from NYC public transport drivers.

Meanwhile Michael Bay is wondering what happen to the explosions that were supposed to happen?

Witnesses and those injured are going to have a hell of a story to tell once they get home (or finally arrive at the bar) and are probably counting their blessings that no one was actually killed. Still I am surprised that no one did.

From NBC New York:
Emergency responders are on the scene of a double-decker bus crash in Times Square.  
The FDNY says the buses crashed at 7th Avenue and West 47th Street, and at least 11 people were being treated for injuries, three of them serious but non-life threatening. 
It's not clear what caused the crash in one of the busiest pedestrian areas in New York City. A broken traffic light was seen smashed on the ground, and the front of one of the buses involved in the crash appeared to have caved in from the crash.
Witnesses on the scene elaborated more:
 Witnesses described a red Gray Line sightseeing bus, heading south on 7th Avenue, speeding through the intersection and driving up onto the sidewalk at Duffy Square, just yards away from where hundreds of tourists line up every day to buy discount tickets to Broadway shows at the TKTS booth. A blue City Sights bus was also involved in the accident and had extensive damage on its right side, where it collided with the other bus. 
Orville Anderson, 42, from the Bronx, was sitting on the red steps of the TKTS booth when the accident took place. 
“All of sudden we heard this big boom,” he said. “I saw the lightpole coming over and fall down. I looked over and we saw people laying on the ground. It was scary.”
I bet it was scary. I wonder how many people there had to walk away from the scene with either shit in their undies or piss dribbling down their pant legs.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rachel Maddow exposes Christian Jihadists invading pro-abortion church

 One would have thought that anti-abortionist terrorists were all about "religious freeeeeeeeeedom" and shit, well unsurprisingly the right wing fascist Christian Jihadists are not really for religious freedom if said church allows people who they disagree with to worship.

 These fascist terrorists known for murdering abortion doctors and bombing abortion clinics are now attacking other religions and evading their churches. Rachel Maddow exposes how these women haters disrupted a New Orleans Universalist Unitarian church mass because they dared to welcome people that support the women's right to have an abortion, and so like the real Mussolini black shirts that they are invaded the church, harassed and intimidate them and even started yelling at little kids at the church's nursery.

 So when you hear a right wing fascist proclaim "religious freedom" what they really mean is that their version of Christianity is the only acceptable freedom and anyone that goes against their Jihad will be subjected to extreme bullying, bombing and murder.

These terrorists need to be stopped.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Fourth Circuit court of appeals strikes down Virginia's gay marriage ban

“We recognize that same-sex marriage makes some people deeply uncomfortable,” said Circuit Judge Henry F. Floyd. “However, inertia and apprehension are not legitimate bases for denying same-sex couples due process and equal protection of the laws. Civil marriage is one of the cornerstones of our way of life.”
Not too shabby. In other words "we know that they there are bigots out there but they can go fuck themselves, they can take this ruling down their pipes and smoke it." That's what I would have said if I were on the court. Just because you are a bigot it doesn't mean that all of us have to be taken down that route with you. If you oppose gay marriage, that is your problem and we shouldn't compromise other people's equal rights due to some neurotic paranoia or irrational fear that you might have about the "evil homosexuals."

But one of those bigots did land a job as a circuit court judge and was able to write a petty excuse of a dissent:
“[the ruling] fails to take into account that the ‘marriage’ that has long been recognized by the Supreme Court as a fundamental right is distinct from the newly proposed relationship of a ‘same-sex marriage.’ ”
The dissenting judge's paranoia and irrational fear is quite visible as he, like other bigots, refuse to even acknowledge that gay marriage, and by proxy gay relationships, has even existed.

Now the attorney general for North Carolina took the wise step of raising the white flag and decided to not waste his time and resources on bullshit arguments that we all know are bound to be deflated in court:
"It's time to stop making arguments we will lose and instead move forward, knowing that the ultimate resolution will likely come from the United States Supreme Court," he said.
The Attorney General's Office has "vigorously defended" North Carolina's law, he said, adding that they have "made about every legal argument imaginable" to fend off lawsuits challenging its legality. Given Monday's ruling, however, he said North Carolina would acknowledge the court's opinion that marriage is a fundamental right.
"All federal courts have rejected these arguments each and every time, so it's time for the state of North Carolina to stop making them," he said. "There's really no argument left to be made."
But the attorney general of South Carolina has not gotten the memo and is instead refusing to back down. Its like watching a retard ram himself against a brick wall still believing he can tear right through it:
“Currently, South Carolina’s law remains intact and, of course, our office will continue to defend it,” said Mark Powell, a spokesman for S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson, a Republican who has fought to keep the ban. “Ultimately, this will be a decision for the U.S. Supreme Court. People should not rush to act or react until that time, when a decision is made by the highest court in the land.”
Meanwhile politicos have responded to the news of the ruling:

Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe:
"I am overjoyed by the news that, as a result of today’s ruling, Virginia will become a state where two people who love each other can get married regardless of their sexual orientation. This is a historic ruling for our Commonwealth, and its effect will affirm once again that Virginia is a state that is open and welcoming to all.
I want to thank Attorney General Mark Herring for his leadership in this case, and all of the men and women who fought for years to make this day a reality. Progress does not always come as quickly as we hope it will, but today is yet another example of how justice, equality and the people who fight for those values will always persevere in the end."
Sen. Mark Warner:
I am so happy that yet another federal court agrees that Virginia’s ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional,” Sen. Warner said. “Allowing people to marry who they love is the right thing to do, and it also strengthens our families and our communities. Virginia should be a welcoming place for all, and I am very pleased at the rapid progress toward marriage equality that we’re seeing in Virginia and around the country. 
Sen. Tim Kaine:
Today’s decision is a victory for the Virginia value of equality. I campaigned against the ballot initiative banning same-sex marriage in 2006 and was very disappointed when it passed. I am gratified that the 4th Circuit Court has recognized that this discriminatory provision has no rightful place in the Virginia Constitution. 
And as an interesting side note to this story, the appeals court even used fascist maniac Scalia's own rant in another gay rights case against him:
The appeals court cited Scalia’s dissent in the 2003 Lawrence v. Texas case, where he argued that striking down an anti-sodomy law would raise questions about laws based on moral choices, and argued that event ancient laws were not immune to attack.
“’Preserving the traditional institution of marriage’ is just a kinder way of describing the State’s moral disapproval of same-sex couples,” Floyd argued, quoting Scalia. “Preserving the historical and traditional status quo is therefore not a compelling interest that justifies the Virginia Marriage Laws.”